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We don't like waiting either. More than 95% of appointments start on time or early.

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Email your provider anytime, day or night, and even book your appointments online.

Same day appointments

Flexible and easy scheduling that allow you to book appointments in the same or very next day.

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Our dentists see one third fewer patients every day, so they have time to listen and understand your dental needs.

Top dental professionals

Our rigorous selection process ensures you are getting the best possible care and access to a hand picked network of top specialists.

Patient Experience - Treating You Differently

At Bloom Dental, we are focused on making sure you get the care you need, on your terms.

Enjoy more quality time with your provider during appointments.

Flexible appointments that fits into your schedule.

Email your dental provider with direct follow up questions

Clinical Excellence

We are proud to have some of the top dental care providers in the country – ones who share our belief that best dental care comes from focusing on patients as individuals rather than a collection of symptoms.

Experienced, board certified dentists from the best schools

Handle everything from preventative dentistry to implant treatment

Coordinate your care with the region’s best specialists

Received personalized ongoing treatment plans

State of the Art Facilities

We believe that technology is driving dentistry forward and build out our facilities with the most advanced technologies to improve our care.

HIPAA Secure Paperless Charts

Digital x-rays to reduce radiation exposure

Intraoral cameras to enhance patient education

Diagnostic technologies to help identify tooth decay at early stages

Community Outreach

At Bloom Dental, it’s important for us to become an integrated part of the community. We believe that healthy smiles start with healthy communities and giving back is part of our DNA.

Monthly free-dental clinics in our community

School Oral Health Educational Lectures

Yearly Dental Missions to under served locations around the world

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Bloom Dental accepts PPO health plans from all insurance carriers.
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When is the last time you felt good leaving the dentists office?

We started Bloom Dental with the belief that clinical excellence, commitment to service and a modern approach make for a truly great experience.